Music is a powerful means of expressing emotion. Bluegrass and folk music, in particular, speak to my heart and help me to express what's on my heart (even if only to God and myself). It brings to mind country roots and eras gone by, while conveying universal feelings of longing, heartbreak, excitement, uncertainty, joy—the whole spectrum.

The following songs are ones that seemed to capture my characters' feelings at certain points throughout the book. The songs' titles link to places where you can buy the CDs that include those songs. (Be sure to find the MP3 version, if available, if you just want to buy a particular song.) The artists' names link to their websites. You can listen to all of the songs via the YouTube links on the soundtrack's Pinterest page.

(Note: Some spoilers are inherent in the song titles and lyrics.)

Bleeding Heart "Soundtrack"
Part I
Part II
Part III